3D Printed Masks

Before the political shift in 2016 changed our country forever; my sons and I spent a lot of our free time in our home grown maker space. We worked with 3D printers to create cool stuff, and it was one of our favorite hobbies. We would make all sorts of toys, gear, and we even printed more 3D printers! We built Star Wars costumes, fidget spinners, puzzles, and a ton of other useful gadgets.

By 2017 most of our printers were in storage, and our maker hobby had taken a backseat to more relevant, civic minded activities. In March, we dusted off the old 3D printing systems and had them running 24×7. Our dining room became the new “maker space”, and it was all focused on helping folks stay safe during these somewhat uncertain times. Our family worked together every day for months to create reusable respirator masks and face shields.

Our goal is to have some extra protective gear ready to help fill in the gaps for people in the community when the name-brand protective supplies start running low. It’s been inspiring to watch my boys work together during their free time, preparing protective gear to help slow the spread of a worldwide pandemic. We know it isn’t much, but like my youngest son Griffin told me last weekend, “If it helps save even one life, then it’s totally worth our time”.