Madi Eden’s Priorities


Expand access to quality affordable healthcare

A healthy community benefits us all. Unfortunately, between 15 and 20% of all citizens do not have health insurance in towns across District 17. This number has increased in the past four years. Those of us who do have insurance often see increasing premiums charged by for-profit, publicly traded insurance companies. These are unacceptable realities in the unprecedented times we live in, exacerbated further by a global pandemic. 

Unlike her Republican opponent, Madi Eden is in favor of ensuring all Texans have access to quality affordable healthcare. She is in favor of expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, which will bring healthcare coverage to 1.6 million Texans. Why does this matter?

  1. A Medicaid option protects people from dying of preventable diseases in the richest country on Earth.
  2. It provides a not-for-profit option on the market, and would force insurance companies to lower their premiums to compete.
  3. Our hospitals will no longer have to push emergency room costs onto other insured patients.

Madi also believes in science-based preventative medicine, including an expansion of mental health benefits, substance abuse treatment, and trauma prevention care.


Improve educational opportunities for Texas children 

Even though Texas is one of America’s richest states, it scores 36th in spending per student. We have high turnover rates for teachers, and one of the lowest graduation rates in the country. 

Texans built this economy. We deserve to offer great schools and amazing opportunities for all of our kids.

Madi will work to provide better education at every age. This includes:

  • Voting against Republicans’ efforts to promote “school choice” vouchers, which cripples our public school system, ensuring that the rich can subsidize their expensive private schools.
  • Funding for high quality, full-day pre-K.
  • Increased public school education, with standards to ensure an exemplary experience for every pupil.
  • Affordable tuition at Texas’s major public universities, and free community college for those pursuing the trades.

Madi will also work to overturn Republicans’ disastrous testing policies, which kill the joy of learning and unnecessarily punish underserved communities.


Provide high quality affordable broadband for District 17

Internet access is a necessity in today’s economy, which has never been more obvious than it is today. Unfortunately, District 17 has a limited number of internet providers, ensuring that its citizens pay too much for service that leaves a lot to be desired. Representatives at broadband and telecommunication companies now run the FCC. They regulate the internet we receive, and have ensured that only the rich can receive the bandwidth rates that other developed nations have by default. 

Enough is enough. Madi will fight to have high speed broadband designated as a critical utility across District 17, and to help find funding to bring the infrastructure needed to make it happen. 

Support environmental policy that protects Texas communities

Energy companies are important, but they shouldn’t be able to use their lawyers and lobbyists to bully everyday Texans. Nobody wants a pipeline running through their backyard, or a toxic waste dump near their kids’ schools. We don’t want to lose our homes due to the devastating floods caused by climate change. 

Madi supports a new energy economy for Texas. What does this look like?

  • Legislation that prevents energy lawyers and lobbyists from violating your rights to a clean environment.
  • State intervention to prevent developers from building in the floodplains and wetlands that protect us from devastating storms.
  • Protection for low income and communities of color, who often bear the brunt of environmental devastation.

No Texan should get a disease because of a company’s careless policies. We shouldn’t watch as our property values and communities are crushed because we didn’t have the big lawyers to fight them.


Create House Districts that finally represents YOU

Texas is one of the most diverse states in the country. And yet our representatives pander to the same special interests — big businesses and hardline evangelicals. They give corporate welfare to big businesses while leaving a lot of Texans behind. It makes no sense.

It’s not a conspiracy. Republicans have carved up Texas so that it’s almost impossible for most Texans to have fair representation. It’s undemocratic, which is why Madi will vote to end gerrymandering and the corrupt system that leaves so many Texans out of the political process. She’ll also move to eliminate the barriers to voting, ensuring that all Texans have a voice in our government.


Build a fair and equal justice system

Have you ever lost sleep at night because we weren’t locking up occasional pot smokers and unregistered voters? Neither has Madi. Texas courts and jails are packed with people who committed minor nonviolent offenses, causing unnecessary hardship to families and an expensive tax burden on all of us. Many of these people have yet to face trial, and sit in jail merely because they cannot afford the bond – making them more likely to lose jobs, access to their children, and more. 

Madi believes in a criminal justice system that is rooted in justice, fairness, and common sense. This means:

  • An end to “tough on crime” policies that don’t keep us safe, and often unfairly target people of color.
  • An end to cash bail and an end to the pre-trial release process that costs Texas taxpayers millions of dollars.
  • Prohibit the jailing of Class B misdemeanors, and instead adopt a cite-and-release policy statewide. 
  • Legalization of marijuana and the dropping of all marijuana-related charges.
  • Prohibit county sheriff’s offices from conducting ICE raiders and similarly racist, targeted sweeps of our neighborhoods.

Pass immigration reform that is not rooted in racism

Over a million undocumented workers contribute to the Texas economy. Republicans make it seem extreme to build a path to citizenship for these folks. They forget that it was their popular predecessor Ronald Reagan who actually granted amnesty to millions of undocumented workers.

People who work hard to build the Texas economy and pay taxes should not have to live in fear of our government. The Texas House should delegitimize for-profit immigrant detention centers, and restore a sense of decency towards undocumented residents across Texas.